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Mitsubishi Electric’s compact ‘instant gift’ printer opens up new business opportunities for retailers and copy shops

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the launch of its new compact high-speed CP-W5000DW digital dye sublimation printer with accompanying photo gifts and products. The CP-W5000DW is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Intended for retailers and copy shops, the printer opens up new revenue streams from the sale of instant printed photo gifts for consumers, as well as short production print-runs of leaflets, menu cards and corporate calendars for local businesses.

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Visitors can create their own photo souvenir at EAS 2015
Come to the Mitsubishi Electric on stand G711

Mitsubishi Electric is showing its full range of digital event printers, photo gift products and event software at EAS 2015 in Gothenburg on 6-8 October. Visitors to the stand will be able to test a variety of printers, including the W5000DW and the brand new CP-90, by creating photo gifts and souvenir products using personal photographs downloaded from their own devices.

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Mitsubishi Electric introduces the new ergonomically designed Compact Kiosk to its range of in-store self-service photo kiosks

Mitsubishi Electric’s range of photo gift kiosks are affordable multi-touchscreen digital photo gift solutions, designed for retail stores, copy-shops, pharmacies and forecourt shops. In-store customers can easily upload photographs from their mobile devices to instantly create full-colour prints and beautiful personalised photo gifts such as calendars, greeting cards and collage style albums. The new ergonomically designed Compact kiosk incorporates the gift product display shelving of the Plus, whilst requiring the minimal floor space of the Flex, making it ideal for smaller areas.

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Professional quality digitally printed photobooks in minutes

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a high-quality range of instant photo albums with attractive hardcovers, designed to be used in combination with the CP-W5000DW double-sided printer. What makes these photobooks so compelling is that consumers can design, print and create their own personalised books in a retail outlet or studio and take away a high quality product in just a few minutes.

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