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KioskGifts Flexilab

KioskGifts Flexilab

The Mitsubishi’s Flexilab solution is a modular and scalable high production photo centre DryLab. Flexilab is specially addressed to Photographic Studios, Photo Shops and Retail Stores with photo service centre. Flexilab not only allows you to adapt to your current customer’s demands of traditional instant printing services, but also provides more professional editing tools and a wider range of innovative instant photo gifts to grow your current business.

Counter Flexilab









Counter DeskTop Back office solution. Specially designed for costumers whose store space is limited. Terminal MKG8015 or MKG8025 with one or more printers.


Basic Flexilab









Just in less than 1sqm you can have a Basic Back office DryLab, from 300 up to 900 prints/hour depending on printers installed.


Pro Flexilab

High Production, Multiple formats and single/double-sided printing with a W5000DW printer (Added valued gifts). Max Production: 900 prints/hour.


Max Flexilab

High Production: Up to 1600 prints /hour. Multi formats. Double sided printing.

KioskGifts Flexilab

  • Modular and scalable solution
  • Possibility to connect multiple Mitsubishi’s Kiosk Gifts Order Terminals.
  • High Production in multiple formats

KioskGifts Flexilab


From 1 up to 5 printers with max printing capacity of 1.200prints/hour*


Glossy or Semi-Matte on one side or both print sides.


Depending on printers attached

Compatible Printers

CP-D90DW,CP-D80DW / S,CP-D70DW / S,CP-D707DW / S,CP-K60DWS,CP-W5000DW,CP-3800DW,


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