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Mitsubishi Electric is a Leading Global Manufacturer of Dye-Sublimation Printers. Right from day one, our printers are known for its quality and reliability. Year after year over the last two decades since pioneering the dye-sub printing technology, we have been making printers not only for professional photographers, but also for photo booth makers, and even some other printer and paper companies who looked to Mitsubishi Electric for better dye-sub printers to augment their product offering.
Whatever photographs you want to print, you can expect high-quality prints with crisp clarity and vibrant, natural colors from Mitsubishi Electric, the global pioneer of dye-sub printers. We offer you a wide choice of high-quality, durable printers supporting various speeds, print capacity and print sizes. We are especially proud of our most innovative duplex dye-sub printer that is perfect for producing dual-sided novelty prints of various sizes such as photo book pages and personalized greeting cards.