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KioskGifts Compact

KioskGifts Compact

KioskGifts Compact has been designed for PREMIUM stores to provide to their customers the best experience creating and personalising the most complete range of photo services thanks the position of its 23" multitouch screen, which brings the maximum privacy & best experiene to your customers . New KioskGifts Compact brings you the possibility to offer to your customer a whole range of printing services (2x6 upto 8x12) but also instant photo gifts services as: Albums, Calendars, Greetings, etc..

KioskGifts Compact

  • Perfect for premium stores
  • Multiple sizes: from 4x6 to 8x12
  • Big screen that guarantees maximum privacy
  • Max 3 printers per Cabinet

KioskGifts Compact


Up to 1600 prints per hour




Depending on Printer attached

Compatible Printers

CP-D70DW-S/, CP-D707DW-S/, CP-D80DW-S, CP-K60DW-S, CP-3800DW, CP-5000DW & CP-D90DW


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