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KioskGifts Flex

KioskGifts Flex

KioskGiftsFlex  has been designed to provide a complete photo gift solution for retailers, offering instant prints, ID photos and unique  instant photo gift products. KioskGifts Flex will adapt and grow to your necessites:Modular & Scalable System:  Any of our KioskGifts Flex configurations will fit to your necessities:

  • Printing Capacity:  From 1 up to 5 printers (1600prints xhour) attaching pedestals.
  • Multiple Formats & Sizes: 2x6,4x4,5xd7,6x6,6x8 .. 8x8
  • Finishings: Glossy/ Matte Single & Double Sided Printing
  • Multiple Installations Types:
  1. Standlone: Single Kiosk Printinting
  2. Island:  Different Order Stations  connected to the validation and printing kiosk unit.
  • Order Starion Station:  Order Terminal conected to back office system Flexilab

KioskGifts Flex

  • Multiples sizes from 4x6 to 8x12
  • Scalable and Modular Kiosk
  • Great consumer Experience
  • Max 3 Printers per Cabinet

KioskGifts Flex




Depending on printer attached

Compatible Printers

CP-K60DW-S, CP-3800DW, CP-5000DW,CP-D70DW-S, CP-D707DW-S,CP-D80DW-S & CP-D90DW


MKG8010 + PT8010


from 4x6 to 8x12


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