Mitsubishi Electric Printing Solutions

Media (Consumables)


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The Mitsubishi photo printers use for colour prints the dye-sublimation technology. To make these colour prints paper and ribbon with ink is needed. On the ribbon are sheets with the colours Cyan, Magenta and Yellow and in most cases also an Overcoating. The thermal head in the printer burn the ink on the paper.

The overcoat which is also on the ink ribbon protects the print form discoloration from UV, light and the air and makes the print water-resistant.The size of the ink sheet maximize the format of the print. Paper with sheets of 15x20 cm / 6x8” can for example also print 2 photo’s of 10x15 / 4x6”. The cutter in the prints cuts the photo’s on the right size. For the Black & White printers we use thermal paper.

Mitsubishi also has as consumables perforated media, that provides more printing formats in order to increase printing possibilities. This consumable allows having smaller prints than the standard paper size. This consumable is available for the 4x6 inch / 10x15 cm paper rolls for CP-D70DW-S, CP-D70DW and CP-D90DW printers. The perforation is on 2 inch / 5 cm from the left side of the paper roll. Perforated Media allows to make the popular square format 4x4 inch / 10x10 cm. For the use of this paper on events it is possible the use the left strip for additional content like discount vouchers or branding.