Mitsubishi Electric Printing Solutions


PS STUDIO for Mitsubishi Systems Printers & Computer ones:

Download & Install Wizard PSsuite v1.2.7 Full Setup.exe      
PSsuite v1.2.8  includes PS STUDIO v2.3.2(.2796)* Formerly Photosuite 148MB 2017-08-08 Download

*Compatible with CK-K76R HG media for the CP-K60DW-S


1) In case you have any problem when running any of the installed software applications, please check that your Windows Operating System is up to date (through Windows Update).

2) For the installation of new printers in the future please execute the PS Suite Printer Controller software located at windows Start Menu (PS Suite).

3) Software comes without Decoration/Greetings/Calendars designs. It's necessary to download & install the Designs Packs separatelly (Go to Designs area).



PS STUDIO data sheet ESP 3.2MB 2015-02-20 Download
PS STUDIO data sheet ENG 3.2MB 2014-12-18 Download
PS STUDIO data sheet DE 3.2MB 2014-12-18
PS STUDIO data sheet NL 3.2MB 2014-12-18
PS STUDIO data sheet FR 3.2MB 2014-12-18
PS STUDIO data sheet IT 3.2MB 2014-12-18 Download
PS STUDIO data sheet PT 3.2MB 2014-12-18 Download


Benutzerhandbuch PhotoSuite v1.0 DE 6.6MB 2013-10-17
PS Studio v2.3 User manual EN 8.7MB 2015-02-18
PS Studio v2.3 Manual de usuario ES 9.2MB 2015-02-18


Greetings pack Baby Birthday DOUBLE SIDE Kiosk / Photosuite 54MB 2015-05-04
Greetings pack Birth Baptism DOUBLE SIDE Kiosk / Photosuite 27MB 2015-05-04
Greetings pack Love DOUBLE SIDE Kiosk / Photosuite 52MB 2015-05-04
Greetings pack Religion DOUBLE SIDE Kiosk / Photosuite 241MB 2015-05-04
Desktop calendars DOUBLE SIDE Kiosk / Photosuite 223MB 2015-05-04
Wall calendars DOUBLE SIDE Kiosk / Photosuite 132MB 2015-05-04


Greetings pack Anniversary Kiosk / Photosuite 70,1MB 2015-06-05
Greetings pack Baby Birthday Kiosk / Photosuite 73,7MB 2015-06-05
Greetings pack Birth Baptism Kiosk / Photosuite 57,1MB 2015-06-05
Greetings pack Christmas Kiosk / Photosuite 22,8MB 2015-06-05
Greetings pack Festivities Kiosk / Photosuite 118MB 2015-06-05
Greetings pack Love Kiosk / Photosuite 84,7MB 2015-06-05
Greetings pack Others Kiosk / Photosuite 451MB 2015-06-05
Greetings pack Religion Kiosk / Photosuite 153MB 2015-06-05
Greeting pack Special (full photo greeting) Kiosk / Photosuite 476MB 2015-06-05
Greetings pack Square formats Kiosk / Photosuite 16,7MB 2015-06-05


Calendars Pack Wood 2 Kiosk / Photosuite 117.8MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Wood 1 Kiosk / Photosuite 152.2MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Waterpaper Kiosk / Photosuite 93.7MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Urban Kiosk / Photosuite 126.8MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Tornpaper Kiosk / Photosuite 52.8MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Seasons North Kiosk / Photosuite 91.8MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Photos 2 Kiosk / Photosuite 90.2MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Photos 1 Kiosk / Photosuite 89.3MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Others Kiosk / Photosuite 89.5MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Neutral Kiosk / Photosuite 73.7MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Creative Kiosk / Photosuite 146.7MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack CountrySide Kiosk / Photosuite 132.0MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Cloth Kiosk / Photosuite 47.7MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Christmas Kiosk / Photosuite 58.1MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Baby 2 Kiosk / Photosuite 110.1MB 2013-07-30
Calendars Pack Baby 1 Kiosk / Photosuite 86.0MB 2013-07-30


Backgrounds Pack 2 Kiosk / Photosuite 84.1MB 2013-07-30
Backgrounds Pack 1 Kiosk / Photosuite 101.8MB 2013-07-30


Calendar Covers Greetings Pack Photosuite 135KB 2015-12-21 Download