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Smart D90EV


The new Smart D90EV is a high-quality photo printer ideal for any type of event, which allows you to customize any event easily and instantly without any complex installation process. With its compact design, adaptable to any space, the new Smart D90EV has a high print speed that allows you to obtain quick and instant personalized prints for your events.The Smart D90EV also has fully configurable print templates, which allow you to customize your prints efficiently, quickly and effortlessly.            

Due to its flexibility of use, the Smart D90EV offers a great range of applications, such as: campaigns, coupons, raffles, promotions, advertising, etc… both for its simplicity of use and configuration, as well as for their high quality photo paper and/or perforated media available.

Connectivity with Smart D90EV is easy and intuitive, with just a couple of simple steps to easily connect with your Smartphone or professional camera, launching the photos quickly, simply and automatically, getting your orders printed with a outstanding photographic quality .... and just in a couple of seconds.

Print social: Make your event even more viral, combining it with a cupon or communication system, to potentiate your brand awarness.

Print Fun: Your guests will have fun taking selfies and creating their own Memory Pictures of the Event, unique and unforguettable, in less than 10 secs.

Print Easy: Your guests will take a unique and customized selfie for your event, and all in a fast and easy way.

Print Smart: Set up your Photocall, shoot the camera and Smart D90EV will do the rest!


Download the file to personalize your layouts and create costumized templates:




Smart D90EV

  • Printing without operator
  • Compact
  • Fast-Printing
  • Outstanding print quality
  • Support Multiple Sizes
  • Polaroid and Instagram Formats

Smart D90EV


256 Gradations (8 bit per color, approx. 16.7 million colors)

Paper Capacity

Thick-Grade Media approx. 230μm & Light Media approx. 210μm


Hi-Speed USB Ver. 2.0


Approx. 370x280x300mm(10.8"x14.4"x9.3")


Approx. 20kpg.

Power Supply

100-240V AC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

100-240V AC 50/60Hz 5.5A


Paper flange(1), Paper flange spacer(1), Ink cassette(1), Paper strip bin(1), AC power cord(120V), AC power cord(220-240V)(1),


CK-D746,CK-D757, CK-D768, CK-D769 & CK-D868


FTP (Hight Professional Cameras), KioskPrints, KioskGifts & Direct WIFI Printing


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