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Event Modes

What Can I do with the Different Event Modes?

Never in so little space could so many possibilities be offered. The Smart D90 / EV is a high-quality and fast compact photo printer (7.8s for 10 * 15 print) ideal for events that allows self-management without the need of a photo operator. It is also ultra-portable, multifunctional and versatile ... that allows being used by multiple guests at once very quickly, without having to wait as occurs in other photo-like solutions that are very common in events.

Hashtag Printing

Maximize your presence in Social Media!

Make your event even more viral, combining it with a cupon or communication system, to potentiate your brand awarness. Your guests will share the selfies taken in your event, and will take home a customized picture with your brand image. 

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Fun Print

Fun Print mode allows guests to print their moments in Polaroid format and / or strip with multiple designs. Just connect to the printer from any mobile device via WIFI and the images of the event are immortalized in fun photos. In addition, these Fun Print mode photos can be previously personalized with an image, text, mark or logo for obtaining a printed photo as a memory of that event.

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Easy Print

With Easy Print mode Smart Photo Printer Events opens up a wide range of possibilities. Different print format options, multiple customizable templates, traditional or perforated paper, it allows a wide range of uses for your business or event.

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How to Set up?



Direct Wifi Camera Printing

For those events that require a direct camera capture or a photoCall printing system, the SMARTD90 / EV will allow the photographer to forget about everything, he will only have to shoot the photos with his WIFI camera and the images will be sent immediately to the printer in case of having a camera with FTP functionality, or through our KioskPrints app that will work in perfect conjunction with the WIFI camera's own capture app. Mitsubishi SMARTD90 printer will take care of the rest ... It will automatically generate and print all the photos in a unique and personalized level with logos, masks, decorations or texts that you have previously configured very effortlessly.


How to print from the App?